The Word “Can’t” and How It’s Harming You

I deal with so. many. mental blocks.

Especially when it comes to this blog.

I don’t know why but a part of me doesn’t want to just write a post about quotes that inspire me or my bucket list.

I want to write something more intentional and something more meaningful in the way that maybe I can truly inspire others.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on blogging and how to kick start. I’ve even looked up blog post ideas because I don’t want to run out of ideas but I don’t want to blog all of the trendy things. I don’t care about blog traffic if it means that I’m writing about something that won’t even impact another persons life.

I know this is just mental blockage because I’ve seen it before and I know that I do have crap I want to spill out into words but man- it’s so hard right now.

Anyway, this post is going to be focusing on mental blocks and barriers and how you can overcome them by just being you.

I’m a “can’t” person. I really, truly am. Throughout the day, I often say I can’t do something- especially in math class.

The word ‘can’t’, in itself, is a mental barrier.

In my last post, I talked a lot about how our universe will hustle to whatever you are saying to it.

When you say “I can’t do this”, your universe is all:

joey tribbiani whatever GIF

If you’re struggling with something, and you take a deep breathe and whisper to yourself, “I can do this”, your universe is more likely to respond and hustle to get there for you. The power of speech and what you are physically saying plays such an important role in overcoming mental barriers because the only way mental blocks can even be present if you believe and allow them to be present.

Saying out loud that you C A N do something or that you are something, is the first step to overcoming that barrier.

I know this sounds so cheesy, but the quote “believe in yourself” is actually one of the most pertinent quotes in my life when it comes to overpowering mental barriers that I am carrying along with myself

Example: if you don’t solely, genuinely, T R U L Y believe that you can lost 40 pounds, How are you going to lose 40 pounds? If you can’t allow yourself to imagine yourself at the mental state you would be in if you lost those 40 pounds, you won’t lose those 40 pounds- simply because you are letting the mental blockage win.

Here’s a real life example from my life.

Because I deal with a lot of depression and anxiety in my life, it is very easy for me to hear my alarm and say “I can’t doooo thisss”. It is. I used to do this all the time. Because I was thinking that, and even sometimes saying it out loud, I was hurting myself and my universe was going all Joey Tribbiani on me again. By saying or thinking those words, I was physically giving my universe and myself permission to not have to do anything that day.

As soon as you can turn your cants into cans, you’re going to be on your way. Trust me.

Now, everything I have just said is way easier said then done. When you’re at a place where you want to lose 40 pounds, you’re most likely not happy where you are and that’s why you want to lose that weight. When you’re at that mental state, it’s really hard to be positive and imagine losing that weight.

When I used to say “I can’t do this” every morning, I really, truly thought I couldn’t do it. I honestly thought I couldn’t get through the day, and that was the biggest challenge.

To get to a point where you are able to firmly say “I can do this”, you N E E D to W A N T to be there. If you want to lose 40 pounds, you need to W A N T to lost those pounds. You need to truly, truly B E L I E V E that you C A N lose those 40 pounds. Because, girl, you’re universe hears everything. Your universe knows if you’re lying to it and yourself and it’s gonna be all:

donald trump GIF by Election 2016


Anyway, that whole post was a ramble but, I hope it made sense.

If you want something, and you really want it. You can have it- you really can. But you have to believe you can have it. You have to overcome that barrier of “can’t” and shove some passion behind and things will go as Y O U want them to.

Once there is some passion within you, no matter what you want, if you can show passion then your universe will be a little more like this: (ignore the profanity… or dont)


neil degrasse tyson we got a badass over here GIF


Looking back on things that you wanted to set aside because you were too worried you couldn’t do it? Does this make sense? Now can you recognize that maybe you weren’t putting the passion behind it that it needed? Were you allowed your mental barriers to weigh you down?


With all of that being said, I’m not perfect. I still have to remind myself this all the time. I use the word “can’t” way too often still; in work, school, and on this blog. We are human. Life’s scary and we like to be comfortable.

Thank you for reading!

All the X’s and O’s,


Always remind yourself of this.